Parent Testimonials

作为一名教育者, I have been remarkably impressed with the quality of instruction and the individual attention dedicated to my son's learning. His teachers are aware of his unique learning style and focused on delivering content in a manner that best enhances his learning."
This was the best choice for our son. He has grown tremendously and has a feeling of confidence that was not there prior to Hillside. The faculty are top notch and really go the extra mile every day."
Our family wishes to pay the highest of compliments to Hillside School for the management of its Spring ’20 Trimester! When academic classes at Hillside resumed online on Monday, 3月30日, Hillside’s faculty performed with excellence, as if the school had been operating with remote learning for quite some time. Our family was incredibly impressed with the overall effectiveness of Hillside’s remote learning program. And the continuity of curriculum throughout the Spring ’20 trimester exceeded our expectations!

Hillside School set a date & time to launch remote learning of Monday, 3月30日, 2020 at 8:15 am to noon. That morning, his screen lit up with images and familiar faces at precisely 8:15 am.

然后, 从周一, 3月30日 through the last week of May, the consistency of his school day was just what we hoped for. Academic lessons began right at 8:15 am and continued up until noon. Additionally, he received three to four meaningful homework assignments each day."
We’ve had an amazing first year at Hillside and we feel so lucky to be part of the community. The teachers are just outstanding and make an incredible effort to connect with our child and our family. They are responsive and routinely make themselves available. We feel very supported and cared for by all of our child’s teachers and they are incredibly dedicated to the work. They understand the whole child and appreciate the child’s strengths as well as their vulnerabilities in order to promote growth. Their dedication and enthusiasm inspire the children. All the classrooms are run extremely well and classwork is engaging and meaningful. The homework amount is within the recommended guidelines and furthers the learning process. The administration communicates very well with families. Although in person learning is preferable, the remote learning program was excellent. The children continued to progress and remained engaged in the curriculums that were adapted for remote learning."

Hillside has been a wonderful experience for our son. Coming from the midwest, we had never experienced independent schools before - but we have been very pleased with Hillside. Our son has learned independence, personal responsibility, and leadership. He has made friends from around the country and around the world. The structured experience has helped him grow as a student academically as well. As he put it "I finally have learned how to learn". This has translated into the best grades he's ever had. In addition to playing sports at a varsity level, the combination of sports and academics has opened doors for our son that we had never anticipated would be possible. As bonuses, the campus is beautiful, the new dorms are amazing, and the new food service is enviable. Hillside has been a great next step for him as a student, an athlete and a man."